Schools have the perfect profile for solar, as they operate almost exclusively during day light hours.

The context

Public schools in Australia emit thousands of Tonnes of CO2 per year due to energy consumption. But schools also need safe and comfortable classrooms and facilities in order to provide the best possible learning environment and therefore, have high electricity needs. ​Right now, public schools are getting most of their electricity from the grid which, in Australia still relies heavily on dirty fossil fuel power. In the process they are racking up a huge bill for taxpayers and fueling dangerous climate change.​

The project

ACAF, partnering with Solar my School to assist to the funding of projects which may never get off the ground as Solar my School is sometimes unable to secure the last 10%-25%. This shortfall could be as little as $5,000, and this is where ACAF can be facilitate great emission reductions for a relatively small contribution.

The benefits

Schools are perfect sites for solar as they often have large unshaded roofs and high daytime energy consumption to use the energy when the sun is shining.

Solar power benefits schools and our wider communities by:

  • Reducing carbon emissions

  • Shrinking ongoing energy expenses

  • Providing parents and our future generations with direct exposure to renewable energy

  • Visually demonstrating local climate change solutions in action